VecnaCares is a non-profit that designs and deploys information management and technology solutions to create measurable impact and help people in low-resource settings live better, healthier lives.


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How it works

VecnaCares builds and deploys the CliniPAK, a solar-powered, rugged server and power management system for ultra-low resource environments. The CliniPAK creates a digital connection for a specified area, enabling users to connect and implement data collection devices on a local access network without the need for internet, Wi-Fi or a cell network. 

  • Upload data to the cloud when connectivity is available

  • Reporting through CliniPAK or Cloud on demand

  • Create digital connection area for tablets to load software on LAN without internet, WiFi, cell, or power

  • Sync data to CliniPAK for secure storage

  • Deploy software as a web service over CliniPAK intranet to allow multiple providers continuous point-of-case data collection

  • Access patient record simultaneously, for real-time information on multiple devices



The CliniPAK instantly creates a local WiFi access network, extendable via additional access points. Integrated cell modem allows synchronization with other CliniPAKs via the cloud.


Users have access to real-time data, even in offline areas. This enables the care team to access patient records wirelessly on multiple devices, in multiple locations at once.


Data collected on connected devices is saved automatically to the CliniPAK, never on the device itself. This reduces the risk of data loss due to device theft or damage.


The CliniPAK operates on 110/240 AC power, solar power, and car battery, while efficiently prioritizing power in that order. Devices can be charged through the CliniPAK's fast-charging USB ports.


Consolidating wireless router, cell modem, database, application server, charging station, and general computing into one unit results in significant cost savings and reduces maintenance headaches.


Multiple types of software can be loaded onto a CliniPAK. To date, the CliniPAK has supported VecnaCares’ EMR, DHIS2, OpenMRS, and CommCare. 

Going off the grid? Power up with the CliniPAK 6.0,
a portable local network, data lockbox,
and charging station all-in-one.

Quickly set up local connectivity hot-spots in otherwise offline settings.  The CliniPAK creates its own WiFi network that enables connected mobile devices to collect data securely and real time. Designed for low-resource settings, the CliniPAK runs off solar power, car battery, and AC power. 


Introducing the CliniPAK 6.0

Power Up

Go remote confidently. The CliniPAK's versatile power system operates on solar, car battery, or 110/240 AC power.

Carry On

Weighing in at 7 lbs, the CliniPAK is light enough to throw in your backpack and go. 

Host Anything

Load your own training, clinical decision support, and education materials onto the CliniPAK.

Get Charged

Charge field devices like tablets and phones using rapid-charge USB ports. 

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