VecnaCares is a non-profit that designs and deploys information management and technology solutions to create measurable impact and help people in low-resource settings live better, healthier lives.


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Information is

The Primary Care

Prior to joining VecnaCares, I worked on health and aid missions in the humanitarian sector for over 10 years. During that time, I had the opportunity to work on dozens of projects with fantastic goals designed to make a real difference. However, for many of these projects, monitoring systems were an after-thought and goals were based on data collected using manual pen-and-paper methods. When technology was considered for implementation, there was little infrastructure to maintain it, creating a barrier to implementation. The results were often frustrating: projects in low-resource settings produced limited outcomes due to poor availability of technology-based systems to manage data.


There had to be a better way.

Enter VecnaCares, an organization that has been at the cutting edge of building technology for international development since 2009. Our mission is simple – we design and deploy the right technology and services for measurable impact.

Our philosophy is that, at its core, an information system, no matter how technologically advanced, is simply a tool to record every encounter a person has with that system: every check-up, every class attended, every prescription, every bed net distributed.

With the global surge of tablets, smartphones, and laptops, it’s now possible to accurately collect the key building block of any information system – source data at the individual level. For health information systems specifically, if patient-level data can be accurately collected and structured, information can be fed throughout the data flow. The result is a better allocation of resources, better understanding of population health, and better health decisions for patients – all from person-level data.

We offer a combination of hardware, software, and services because we know that in order to build information systems without gaps, we have to be comprehensive. The importance of utilizing technology to optimize impact is central to every aspect of VecnaCares' approach, from our training methodology to our pricing model.

We are at an exciting time in the humanitarian and development field where there’s real opportunity to measure true impact. Technology approaches thought impossible can now be deployed reliably and immediately. At VecnaCares, we’re excited to push forward better approaches and technology to bring the impact of information technology back to its source – helping people lead healthier and better lives.





Paul Amendola
Executive Director, VecnaCares