The CliniPAK in this picture is helping 5 registration staff, 7 nurses and 3 surgeons stay in lock step as they give care to hundreds of patients.  The local server allows each provider to access and share patient information and coordinate care across 5 days or 5 years. Add a USB modem and a 3G network and CliniPAK allows health care facilities to synchronize essential health care information with cloud-based applications for referral management and care continuity across facilities.

Use our software or load your own!  The CliniPAK unit serves up any flavor EHR.


  • Water & Dust Resistant
  • Server Supports up to 100 Devices
  • Built-in Wifi/LAN. Ethernet & USB Modem
  • Integrated Power Management
  • 110/240 AC, 12V Battery or Solar
  • Light Weight & Portable


Built for tough environments, CliniPAK Travel Case is ideal for team-based, on-the-ground health delivery and research data capture for better reporting and better care. The sturdy carrying case houses solid state computing, network and power management components for one-touch activation of your robust and relialbe IT infrastructure.  No IT geek required.



No grid, no problem. CliniPAK Node is a robust hardware platform with sustainable power options.  Its cutting edge design makes it possible for users to leverage accessible local resources, such as 110 and 240 AC power, 12V car batteries and single or arrayed solar panels, therefore mitigating the infrastructure barrier.  CliniPAK units also have USB and 12V ports to charge cell phones, tablets and laptops, and power a consistent light source for care delivery at night.




Current computing solutions require a range of components such as computers, inverters, switches, monitors and more that can really add up in money, time and frustration. CliniPAK is all these components wrapped into one. This means that initial set up and maintenance costs of your field IT infrastructure start and remain low.  Incorporation of mobile devices for system users has resulted in a high rate of adoption and the cost saving reduction in training and roll-out time.



“My first interaction with CliniPAK was amazing….. Just what our health system urgently need! I am happy to be working on this project with the Vecna Cares team. I have been in the M-health field for over a year in Kenya and (until now) had not really identified an organization that can implement such a system that allows accurate, secure capture of information, efficient and effective way of reporting.”

Jackline Cheruiyot Kenya Project Manager