Rain in the desert

My interaction with CliniPAK was amazing….. Just what our health system urgently need!

Two years ago when the E-government program and the E-health program was launched by the Kenyan government, it came with a lot of hope and willingness to change the face of government, and especially the health institutions. It has faced many challenges both policy and implementation but I am happy to be working in this project with Vecna team. I have been in the M-health field for over a year in Kenya and (until now) had not really identified an organization that can implement such a system that allows accurate capture of information, efficient and effective way of reporting.

In my experience, the biggest challenge facing the M-health sector in Kenya is that of adoption. This is mainly due to the little or total lack of IT skills among care givers and their inertia towards learning. Meeting the health service providers from different departments in Enoosean Health Clinic gave me hope; they are very happy and enthusiastic about the product. I hope the same will be portrayed by their colleagues in other clinics. However it takes much time and a lot of patience to build such a culture and attitude.

I may not have a clear way of how the government is planning to roll out E-health and M-health programs and the program dates but I would love to see them do the implementation as soon as possible and also support such initiates like CliniPAK . I have great hopes of changing the face of our health care systems and feel very privileged contributing to the implementation of CliniPAK.<

Jackie Cheruiyot