First Sites and Sounds

Today is our third day in Kenya now – but effectively, our first full day settled down, getting a first impression of what our day-to-day work and life here might be like. In between flying into Nairobi, meeting up with our Kenyan intern Jackie, running around the city picking up solar panels and batteries, and finally making the five-hour drive from the urban sprawl of Nairobi to the rolling greenish-brownish hills of Kilgoris, the first two days flew by in a slightly jet-lagged hustle.

We’re staying in the town of Kilgoris, Transmara now, with a kindly woman who runs a pharmacy in town. We made our first site visit today at the Enoosaen Health Clinic in another nearby town. They’ve been on board since the beginning of CliniPAK implementation, and despite any difficulties they might’ve had from the start, now it seems the healthcare workers there are quite happy overall with the CliniPAK system for managing their data, even wanting to help train other clinics’ workers in using the CliniPAK system.

I’ve actually been in a similar area before – two summers ago, I stayed in a rural village near Arusha in northern Tanzania teaching at a secondary school. But whereas before I was based at one school in one village and focused just on the classes I taught, I’m excited to be working at a broader, more systemic level with the CliniPAKs: coordinating with several different sites, interacting at each site with healthcare workers ranging from midwives to clinic administrators, and hopefully cooperating more with the District Health Management Team. At the same time, I’m also looking forward to working closely with the implementation at each individual site and seeing what sorts of challenges they each face in terms of information management and adopting CliniPAKs. Pia, natumaini niimarishe kuongea Kiswahili!